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Пользователи твиттера поделились сокращениями на английском, которыми они пользуются

b — be
asap — as soon as possible
b4 — before
bout — about
brb — be right back

c — see
u — you
da — the
dey — they
idk — I don’t know

l8r — later
gr8 — great
ova — over
g2g — gotta go
r — are

rite — right
ttyl — talk to you later
wht — what
y’all — you all
lol — laughing out loud

lmao — laughing my ass out
Ama — I’m
Dunno — don’t know
10x — thanks
b4n — bye for now

ho — no one
atm — at the moment
btw — by the way
np — no problem
cu — see you

fml — fuck my life
fyi — for your information
imo — in my opinion
hru — how are you
sby — somebody

sth — something
tbh — to be honest
tmi (это не только the mortal instruments)) — too much information
xoxo — hugs and kisses
wknd — weekend

sm — so much
tysm — thank you so much
idc — i dont care
wdum- what do you mean
hbu — how about you

Автор поста: trofimenko

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